Speak up for the world's environment

The reason for our brand

How many animals are killed globally each year to meet the demand for sneaker leather? over a billion. Greenhouse gas emissions are increasing year by year. After trial and error, the founder Heather has created a pair of limited-edition shoes that are environmentally friendly, comfortable, and stylish, and has made his own efforts for environmentally friendly shoes and protecting the environment.

Why is the world's desertification getting worse? Since human grazing of livestock is unrestricted, the industry can expand further. Some are made into leather products

How much plastic waste enters the world's oceans every day, killing tens of thousands of marine animals? The answer is 8 million.

Edenstreet is committed to building a different future. While making eco-friendly shoes from waste plastic, we use 10% of our profits to protect our wildlife and marine forests.

protect vulnerable species
We support the wildlife conservation movements of our inspirational partners, helping to protect vulnerable species and their habitats destroyed by continued natural deforestation, industrial production, and urbanization of wildlife habitats.